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Welcome to Shearman Livestock & Contracting

Update 07/02/2020

With the current conditions in the Lower Hunter we have been inundated with more enquiries than we have ever received before. A combination of very hot weather and the retirement of a few other hobby shearers has resulted in a massive influx in jobs on our waiting list. As a result when have been unable to get to quite a few jobs we would usually have done already and we do thank everyone for their patience. On the butchering side of the business things are much the same, a lack of feed on the ground together with the lack of water in dams, water restrictions and increased price of fodder and supplementary feed has see us have our usual annual number of enquiries come in only a couple of months. We are working hard to try and get back to everyone but please understand that the person that does all the work also does all the admin work so it does take time to get through. We are working to improve the process of quotes and booking so we ask please be patient and stay tuned for when its all up and running. 


We offer a range of shearing services for pets and livestock of all shapes and sizes.

Contract Shooting

From baiting and trapping to shooting and monitioring, We have a range of vertebrate pest control options to suit everyone.

On Farm Slaughter

We come to you and slaughter your animals on your farm. This ensures the animals are relaxed and eliminates the risk of them being stressed or injured while in transit.

Mobile Butchering

We offer a range of options for slaughtering, butchering and packaging of your animals. All work is done in our mobile butchering unit which ensures your produce is kept clean and hygienic.